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Latest news from Arcadia Products Plc

Lighting for Leopard Gecko’s

Lighting for Leopard Gecko’s

The leopard gecko (Eublepharis macularius) occurs in parts of Asia including Afghanistan and Pakistan, and these lizards are generally very easy to keep and breed, which helps to explain their worldwide popularity. Up until very recently, they were thought to be nocturnal. Recent studies have proved that leopard geckos are actually crepuscular though, which means they become active at twilight or before sunrise, and will hide away in rocky crevices during the day.

POLY-FILTER review by Practical Reptile Keeping

Significant breakthrough for amphibians and turtles

A slightly different approach to filtration, which benefits not just turtles, but is likely to be exceedingly valuable for amphibians too, is a product called Poly-Filter®, also from Arcadia. It represents a real breakthrough, particularly with tadpoles where maintaining strict water quality is essential and yet can also prove very tricky.

Poly-Filter® is a unique mechanical and chemical filtration pad that removes pollutants and soluble toxins from the water, helping to prevent health problems arising. It will safely and efficiently strip out ammonia, nitrite and nitrate from the water, as well as removing insecticides and potentially harmful metals.

The pad will even change colour, identifying particular issues with water quality. A greenish-yellow colour, for example, indicates a build-up of ammonia, while yellow confirms the presence of lead, revealing a potential problem with your tap water at the outset.

Easy to use Poly-Filter® is simple to use and can be cut to any shape or size. One quarter of a pad will treat 50l (11gal) of water and it can be either located into the main filter or can be used directly in the water.

Small pieces may be placed in the shallow pools provided for dart frogs and other amphibians, in areas where conventional filtration would not otherwise be possible. Poly-Filter® will help to protect the occupants from both a build-up of waste matter and potentially harmful substances that may be present in tap water.

Exciting times It is therefore becoming easier than ever to keep and breed turtles, as well as amphibians, by taking advantage of the latest technological advances. This can only be a good thing for the animals themselves, and obviously increases the enjoyment to be gained from the hobby.

Practical Reptile Keeping
April 2012

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The study of UV Reptile Lighting – VIDEO

The study of UV Reptile Lighting by Francis Baines

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