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    Buy the book here!

    Buy our brand new ‘Guide to MBD and its elimination in captivity’

    Learn more about our MBD book

    Click here to read more information about the book, and download a sneak peak to read before you buy!

    Signs of metabolic bone disease

    Read our related article about the effects of Signs of metabolic bone disease (MBD) here.

    The Arcadia Guide to MBD and its elimination in captivity

    Book Reviews

    After our highly anticipated book launch, we’ve had reviews pouring in from customers who’ve read our book. If you’d like to send us a review, please drop us an email at:

    A must for all keen reptile keepers

    Siuna A Reid

    Elminating MBD in captive reptiles is a must for all keen reptile keepers. Arcadia is constantly pushing the boundaries and revealing and unravelling more of nature’s secrets. This book is easy to read but is in enough depth explaining the facts about metabolic bone disease. It separates fact from urban myth.

    As a reptile vet in practice in the UK, I see first hand the devastating effects of this completely preventable disease. It is our responsibilty to strive to provide the best enclosures and eco systems that we can. Most pets kept in the UK share the same light levels, UV index, heat and humidity that we do. Reptiles are different. Their whole world must be recreated using the best of our technology, allowing the reptile the freedom to move around the enclosure mimicking nature. It is not for us to decide whether certain elements are essential. All elements should be provided and a micro system created in the vivarium in our home.

    Arcadia is instrumental to our understanding of UV light in captivity. This book is another gun in the armoury fighting MBD.

    Essential reading

    by Neil Reed,

    Well I have just read mine cover to cover, it’s a darn good read. Thick enough to sit nicely on the book shelf, but easy going enough to be able to understand. I’ve been keeping reptiles a few years now and there was plenty in there to make me ponder a while, lots of great facts, suppositions, information and advice.

    Don’t buy this expecting a scientific paper on the cause and effects of MBD. This is a great, easy to understand read that spells out clearly what we do and don’t know about MBD. It explains its causes, what we as reptile keepers can do to prevent it, and plenty of food for thought as to what we might be able to do to go one step further.

    This book is essential reading for any novice reptile keeper and a well received refresher for old hands alike.

    The book is brilliant

    by Jody Bedford,
    Reptile keeper at Colchester Zoo

    I have to say the book is brilliant! It is so helpful and will help both novice and experienced keepers alike. Such a good read and one of a kind, as not many books singularly on uv lighting. Well done Arcadia!

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