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Keeping your water crystal clear!

Aquatic Species

  • ✓ Aquatic Turtles
  • ✓ Aquatic Frogs
  • ✓ Aquatic Toads
  • ✓ Axolotls
  • ✓ Tadpole rearing

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Customer Reviews

Polyfilter is a special filter that not only acts as a filter to trap debris it has the ability to lock in harmfull ammonia, nitrates and other toxins.
Livefoods By Post Ltd.

It is the clearest indicator of water quality on the market and should be used in all aquatic systems.
Adam Hough


As a mechanical and chemical filter media, is there a better alternative? There are many chemical products that can build up in the terrarium water over time, as well as some pollutants potentially present in tap water – such chemicals include:

  • Proteins and Amino Acids
  • Nitrite, Nitrate and Ammonia
  • Phosphates (the principal cause of algae in the terrarium)
  • Toxic Metals
  • Poly-Filter will remove all of these from the terrarium

The Benefits of Poly-Filter

Rising levels of water borne toxins like ammonia have been shown to cause eye, skin and shell irritations and infections in captive turtles. By using the Arcadia terrarium Polyfilter you help to protect your pet from harmful build ups of these toxins. As these pollutants are removed the colour of the Poly-filter changes, and when it has turned black that is an indication that it is saturated and needs to be replaced.

Unlike other substances sometimes used as an aid to filtration, once saturated, Poly-filter will NOT allow hazardous substances to leach back into the terrarium. Whilst removing all of the listed undesirable products, Poly-filter does NOT remove desirable trace elements and will not have a softening effect on the water.

It can also be used in very small environments such as tadpole morphing tubs, by simply cutting a small piece and placing it anywhere in the water where it can be left to soak up any undesirable chemicals, until it has turned black and needs to be replaced. Poly-filter can be used within any terrarium filter chamber as it can be cut to the size and shape required to fit.

Code Dimensions
A012 20 x 10cm (8 x 4”)

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