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Reptile Species

  • ✓ Frogs
  • ✓ Bearded Dragons
  • ✓ Tortoises
  • ✓ Water dragons
  • ✓ Xenagama

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Customer Reviews

The UVB canopy is very lightweight, and does not pull or stretch the material it is resting on. It is extremely easy to install, I will be using this product again in my next large enclosure and would recommend others to do the same!
Jamie, Chameleoco.

I invested in two of your lighting systems for my bearded dragons. I must say I am very impressed. The light is so much brighter and the colours on my animals are really coming out. I love the simple one cable that does away with the old heavy t8 controller and all the cables that went with it. I love the flicker free t5.

Related Products

Halogen Basing Spotlight
A highly efficient source of light and heat, this lamp is an ideal supplemental lamp for use with self ballasted mercury vapour reptile lamps or fluorescent reptile lighting.

Ceramic Reflector Clamp Lamp
A fully inclusive kit, containing everything you need to fit Mercury vapour lamps (and other light and heat sources), over an open table.


Complete UV light unit with Extra High Output D3+ 24 Watt Compact Lamp and a very efficient Reflector to “flood” a vivarium with UV rich light over a targeted area.

  • High Light and UVB levels
  • Flicker free
  • Very energy efficient
  • Easy internal fitting
  • Waterproof
  • Easy lamp change
  • Produces a targeted flood of UV enabling the keeper to set a photo-gradient
  • Allows the proper production and use of the D3 cycle
  • Balanced UVA and UVB output and a natural daylight colour
  • Ideal for shallow vivaria for Desert species and tall vivaria for arboreal species. See our lighting guide for info
  • Just 35cms long
  • Can be used horizontally or vertically to obtain the area of emission required
  • Eliminate MBD!!
  • 24W Plant Pro lamp can also be purchased and used alongside this fitting if you wish to grow live plants

Code Watt Rated UV-B Length A1JB0144R 24W IP67 12% 350mm

Benefits of D3 UV Flood Lamp

Over the last 5 years reptile lighting science has grown and evolved and allowed the keeping and breeding of captive reptiles to become easier and more productive. Arcadia Reptile have led the world in designing the very best “Solar re-creation” systems and pioneered True High Output T5 technology.

Arcadia Reptile are delighted to push the boundaries even further with the Arcadia Reptile “UV Flood”. This highly effective unit allows a keeper to provide high levels of visible light and UV over a targeted area. Light is emitted at 45 degrees from the fitting and allows the keeper to set a pattern of light over a designated area. This provides a wide basking area for the animal to use and allows the keeper to provide areas of useful shade where required for a full and effective photogradient.

The fitting can be easily fitted into a vivarium by inserting 2 screws through the screw holes in the top of the fitting. UV flood uses a seal and lamp collar to secure the lamp tight into the unit which means that the entire fitting is IP67 waterproof. The fitting can be affixed to the Flood lighting stand which allows the safe and effective use of the product over tortoise tables.

The Arcadia Reptile UV flood uses state of the art electronics to provide a flicker free and highly energy efficient source of lighting. High Output Compact lighting enables keepers to use a true High Output source of lighting in smaller enclosures than ever before and as a supplementary “boosting zone” in larger enclosures.

Can be seated on mesh topped vivs to provide light in a sleek shallow designed fitting.

UV Meter Readings

D3 UV Flood Meter Readings

D3 UV Flood Meter Readings


D3 UV Flood in viv

D3 UV Flood in viv

Product Safety

Lamps can be fragile pieces of equipment. Please follow the following steps to ensure the safe fitting and use of fluorescent lamps.

Every brand of lamp has a very slightly different lamp cap. This is the terminal that you screw into the lamp holder. Some lamps have a slightly thinner screw thread and a longer cap. This will allow a user to insert the lamp further into the lamp holder than is required. Over time and as the lamp holder is heated up and cooled down these electrical terminals inside the lamp holder will have stretched out. This would in the case of the Arcadia D3 basking UVB lamp then present as an intermittent power supply to the lamp. In effect the terminals inside the lamp holder would not make a stable connection. This would cause the thermal cut out built into the lamp to turn the lamp off and could cause the user to think that the lamp was faulty. In fact the lamp is perfect. After a removal of power and the min 5-10 min’s cooling period the lamp will Re-Strike and run.
Lamps can be fragile pieces of equipment. Please follow the following steps to ensure the safe fitting and use of D3 UV basking lamps.
Firstly turn the lamp off at the wall and REMOVE THE PLUG. After allowing time for the lamp to cool gently un-screw and remove the lamp. After checking that the fitting is completely un-plugged use an insulated flat bladed screwdriver to move the copper terminal downwards from the top of the lamp holder. If there is a separate terminal in the side of the lamp holder move this inwards also. You will only need to move these terminals a millimetre or two. When happy that the fitting is safe re-site your lamp holder and replace the lamp. The fitting should be fine to use now. If you are unsure of anything you should consult an electrician before use. if you still have problems after doing this, consult with the place of purchase for more advice.

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